Blackberry FastMail Service


BlackBerry FastMail is a service that is available to cPanel systems that use the Dovecot mail server.

This service allows you to receive passive email updates on your BlackBerry device. This means that when you receive a new message in your inbox, your BlackBerry device will receive it almost simultaneously.

note Note: If you configured your BlackBerry device before the release of Blackberry Internet System (BIS) version 2.6 or cPanel & WHM version 11.25, you will need to complete the device setup again in order to improve the performance of FastMail.


Enable FastMail

Navigate to the Email Accounts interface in cPanel (Home >> Mail >> Email Accounts).

You will find a link that reads BlackBerry® FastMail Service Enabled at the bottom of the interface.

Click this link to view more information about the FastMail service.


Direct access to sent and spam mail folders

You can configure your mobile device to open mail from your sent folder (or spam folder) directly in your inbox.

To do this, configure your device to log in to email with your email address, with /sent or /spam at the end, as the username. For example, [email protected]/sent.


BlackBerry Level 3 Integration

If Research in Motion (RIM) recognizes you as a Mail Service Provider (MSP), this server can answer subscription requests at the following URLs:





 Note: For security reasons, you can only access these URLs through a server that runs BIS.

 Remember: In the examples above, represents your domain.

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